Biomechanical Analysis

Lifepath Wellness Biomechanical AnalysisAt Lifepath Wellness Chiropractic, Dr. Julian Politylo focuses on treating patients with physical ailments or injuries. It is his goal to restore the patient’s mobility and functionality and to promote their overall wellness.

What Is Biomechanical Analysis?

Biomechanical Analysis is essentially the study of human motions. This consists of analyzing body movement during a specific activity such as running or a golf swing. This examination is followed by specific treatment to free restrictions that may be a limiting factor in achieving a desired optimal movement pattern.

How is this Analysis Performed?

  1. We observe a patient performing their chosen activity.
  2. We identify inefficiencies or restrictions in the movement pattern.
  3. Through the use of the appropriate soft tissue therapy (Chiropractic Adjustment, Active Release Techniques and/or Graston Technique), we attempt to improve these restrictions and restore the intended optimal movement pattern.

Biomechanical Analysis is extremely important in helping to determine the causes of injuries and how we can prevent them from re-occurring.

Who Should Consider Having Biomechanical Analysis?

  • Anyone who is who is looking to: Maximize performance
  • Maximize the efficiency of movement
  • Prevent injury due to improper mechanics

So whether you are an elite or amateur athlete, Biomechanical Analysis can be a very important tool in helping you get the most from your performance and help you to prevent injuries.

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