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Orthotics are medical devices that can be used to treat various foot ailments, which may lead to discomfort in other areas of the body such as knees, hips, and lower back. These tools help to realign and support the feet, redistributing pressure on joints and muscles in order to reduce discomfort, improve posture and promote proper balance. Orthotics work by providing a custom-fitted solution for each person’s individual needs, correcting misalignments, and helping to restore normal functioning.

What Are Orthotic Devices for?

Orthotics aim to correct the function and position of the feet and ankles and minimize irregular wear and tear.

Orthotic devices apply gentle pressure to the feet to restore normal foot arch mechanics.

To ensure effectiveness and prevent potential issues, we exercise the utmost care during fittings.

How Do Orthotic Treatments Work?

Your orthotic device is customized in our office to ensure an accurate fit.

  • Our clinical staff analyzes your prescription to determine the right footwear device.
  • Then, we take impressions of your foot using a casting material.
  • Afterward, we forward the mold to the podiatrists for fabrication. Podiatrists are healthcare providers specializing in conditions related to the feet.

The orthotic devices we prescribe are semi-rigid, often cast in a subtalar neutral position.

Don't Ignore Foot Pain, Learn More About Orthotics Today

The feet are exposed to various stressors daily. Still, you should be able to use them comfortably.

Foot pain isn't normal. It can indicate an underlying medical problem, so don't ignore it.

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